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One Reporting Application. Many Benefits.

Why the investment pays off within few months.
  • Save time in your Controlling Department
  • Ensure High Quality of your Company Data
  • State-of-the-art Steering KPI's for successful management
  • Quick availability of data thanks to high automation
200000+ LINE OF CODE

Fast and reliable reports on value drivers and cost

For efficient business management data from different sources is consolidated and made into state-of-the-art reports:

  • Rapid preparation of reports ensures availability of up-to-date information for decision making. Data import from pre-systems is done at the click of a button.
  • Meaningful reports with high information density and designed for management. We have a library of well-designed report templates, which have proved effective.
  • Quick response to specific requirements:If reporting needs require adjustment of the tool or specific data processing, then there’s an IT Task Force at your service with a reaction time of only 24 hours.
  • Reliable quality:Our reporting solution covers all report generation processes from data import to report distribution. Along the process data quality is ensure so that you can rely 100% on the information provided in the reports.

Optimum credit rating and top credit conditions with professional financial communication

Risk management requirements in banks have grown significantly in recent year, which requires companies to be become highly professional in financial communication for a good credit rating:

  • Keeping your bank up-to-date on your business development and financial status establishes trust and indicates efficient company management. With ReportingTogo you score points for promptness in delivery financial reports.
  • High quality and consistency of the data on all reports builds trust.
  • Meaningful reports with high information density. We have a library of well-designed report templates, which have proved effective in financial communication. A team of experienced experts can also advise you on developing key indicators for financial partners.

Reliable communication basis for management and investors for common business development efforts

We offer a fast and tested roll-out of our reporting system and state-of-the-art reporting workflows. Here’s your benefits:

  • Reports that focus on increasing enterprise value: identification and monitoring of key value drivers
  • Quick delivery of financial information and forecasting data thanks to rapid roll-out (starting from 10 days)
  • Reliable monthly basis for communication with financial partners including Monitoring of covenants from bank loans
  • We are familiar with all specific requirements of private equity companies: Covenant Reporting, cash flow forecasting, Normalization / adjustment book entries, tax issues such as interest Cap, etc.

Combine the flexibility of MS Excel© with a vast array of automated reporting workflows to ensure data quality

MS Excel© is the world’s most popular data analysis and reporting tool, thanks to high flexibility and multiple report design options: Add to that the smart reporting features of reportingtogo and reporting becomes as easy as ever:

  • Secure data storage in a database of your choice. Data import from different sources at a single mouseclick.
  • Each report generation step is made easy by a state-of-the-art workflow: From commentary entries, adjustment book entries, consolidation book entries to defining different reporting packages.
  • We have a library of well-designed report templates, which have proved effective. At the same time you can easily define your own reports.
  • ReportingToGo offers user management, and you can use the audit trail to analyze who has entered which data records at what date or time.